Wellbeing Event

Tuesday 1st December 

17.00 - 18.30

Online Seminar

The session introduces resilience as a set of skills making up a balancing system to keep us around the optimal zone in the energy and effectiveness curve;  focused on personal resilience: maintaining the physiology of energy; creating some balance inside the existing areas of flexibility, working effectively so as not to get overwhelmed, identifying levers of control for focused working and maintaining positive challenge based mind-sets about work.

Participants will develop a better understanding of the areas of resilience that contribute to balance by:

  • Recognising some personal red flags indicating we have drifted out of the optimal zone heading toward stress and reduced effectiveness in ourselves.

Discussion of 3 building blocks of resilience:

  • Maintaining the physiology of optimal effectiveness and energy
  • Exercising good choices for balance and focused working
  • Developing the skill in challenging mind-sets that undermine confidence and effectiveness


How to have helpful conversations to encourage resilience behaviours.

The session is highly practical and as interactive as the group wants to make it.

Participants should leave the sessions with techniques to maintain their energy and resilience and a straightforward scoring system to assess how they are maintaining good resilient behaviours.

Please book your place with the administrator.

Our Guest Speaker:

W S Mitchell MA PHd Dip Clin Psych FBPS MRSM

Consultant Clinical Psychologist

Dr Bill Mitchell is one of the UK's most experienced Clinical Psychologists, specialising for many years in the treatment of depression, anxiety, acute stress, work-related psychological difficulties, and burnout. His approach focuses on rebuilding resilience in people who have been derailed by complex events of life. His unique expertise is in teaching people how to sustain high performance whilst staying in tune with what is responsible for maintaining energy, wellbeing, emotional fulfilment, and relationships. 

He is a psychological consultant to numerous global organisations, ranging from professional services, legal and consulting firms, media, finance, advertising, education, media and the arts. This includes his long-standing advisory role to BUPA on employee mental wellbeing. He runs workshops on mental health and resilience across the UK, Europe, North and South America, Australia, New Zealand, Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

Bill runs his own practice, The Mitchell Practice, where his extensively experienced team of specialist psychologists and therapists use a combination of interventions to coach and treat individual who are struggling with the pressures of life today.

For 20 years Bill taught on the Kings College MSc programme on Mental Health, and has run teaching sessions for the London Business School and Judge Business School where he teaches on specialist programmes.

Bill’s first book Time to Breathe is available now.  This book consolidates his experience to deliver an easily accessible formula to sustain a resilient life.