Pupillage Ethics Materials

The ICCA has developed Pupilage Ethics Material to assist pupils who need to sit the new BSB assessment.

The ICCA materials have been funded by the Inns of Court.

https://www.barstandardsboard.org.uk/training-qualification/becoming-a-barrister/pupillage-component/intro-of-professional-ethics-assessment.html">Details of the assessment regime can be found on the BSB's website here.

Towards the bottom, you will find a section called 'How can I find out who is providing preparatory materials for the Ethics Assessment?

In due course, there will be a link here to a landing page on our website which will take students to our VLE where materials can be found under the PQT option (Post-Qualification Training).

There are going to be six Modules. The first four are going to be released on Tuesday 15th February and the remaining two Modules approximately two weeks later.

Not a course 

We have deliberately not called this an Ethics course because there is still so much that is not known to us about the assessment and how it will be marked. Information to be given to pupils states the following: The ICCA has based its Pupillage Ethics Materials on the syllabus set by the Bar Standards Board and every care has been taken to ensure that they provide a comprehensive guide to the provisions on which the syllabus is based. However, the exam itself is set and marked by the BSB and the ICCA has no involvement in this process. 

We have applied very high levels of attention to syllabus and e-learning expertise to these materials, but we do not know enough about the exam in the same way that we understand the expectations in the Criminal and Civil Litigations exams.


We have arranged for the majority of Chambers' email addresses to be recognised upon registration at which point access will be enabled. If there is an issue, we will arrange this manually. Our hope is that as many pupils as possible access this material to assist them to prepare for the exam.

Prior knowledge

ICCA pupils will have already studied the first four Modules but will not have answered the type of questions that the BSB is setting. They are narrative answers, whereas our Bar Course Ethics exam was all MCQ. The ICCA has no information about the sort of Ethics courses offered by other AETOs. For that reason, it will be safer for non-ICCA pupils to study all six Modules from scratch.

Further information can be found here.