Consultation Responses

The Circuit will, from time to time assist with consultation undertaken in connection with the law or the legal profession; from this page you can access our various responses.

Nov 2023 Joint SEC/CBA Response - London Prisons Survey
Sept 2023 SEC Response - the Law Commission Consultation on Evidence in Sexual Offences Prosecutions
August 2023 SEC Response - Open Justice, The Way Forward
June 2020 SEC Response - The Criminal Legal Aid Review (“CLAR”): ‘accelerated package’ Consultation
May 2020 SEC Reponse - Rapid Consultation: The Impact of COVID-19 measures on the Civil Justice System
May 2020 SEC Response - Homes Office - Pre Charge Bail 
October 2018 SEC Response - Amending the Advocates' Graduated Fee Scheme
March 2017 SEC Response - MoJ Consultation - Review of the introduction of fees in the Employment Tribunals
March 2017 SEC Response - MoJ Consultation on Reforming the Advocates’ Graduated Fee Scheme
January 2017 SEC Response - Bar Standards Boards Consultation on the Future of Training for the Bar
January 2017 SEC Response - Written Submissions of the South Eastern Circuit to Lord Justice Jackson’s Review of Fixed Recoverable Costs, January 2017
November 2016 SEC Response - Modernising Judicial Terms & Conditions
November 2016 SEC Response - Transforming our justice system: assisted digital strategy, online conviction and statutory fixed fines
August 2016 Joint SEC and CBA  Response to Sentencing Youths Consultation
June 2016 SEC Response - 'Reforming the courts’ approach to McKenzie Friends’
May 2016

SEC Response - Reduction in Sentence for a Guilty Plea Guideline

March 2016 SEC Response - Interim, Civil Courts Structure Report by Lord Justice Briggs
December 2015 SEC Response - Justice in Times of Austerity 
December 2015      

The South Eastern Circuit's written evidence to the House of Commons Justice Select Committee Inquiry on Courts and Tribunal Fees and charges dated September 2015, wriiten evidence and oral evidence (Video and Transcript) on 9 December 2015.                                                  

November 2015 SEC Response - Preserving and Enhancing the Quality of Advocacy
September 2015

SEC Response -  MOJ Consultation on Court Fees

March 2015 SEC Response - HMCTS Consultation - Proposed closure of Wandsworth and Blackfriars

January 2011

Regulating Entities

January 2011

JAG consultation paper on proposals for a quality assurance scheme for criminal advocates – Response of the SEC

January 2011

Response of the SEC to the LSB Referral Fees

January 2011

Green Paper

January 2011

SEC Response to the Law Commission Consultation Paper Unfitness to Plead

February  2011

Breaking the Cycle December 2010 -CM7972

September 2011

SEC Response to the BSB Review of CPD