CPS Event: Online application process / Tips for drafting a good application

Since September 2020 all applications for the General Crime Panel (incl. RASSO) and Specialist Panels – new joiners and upgrades – have been completed and submitted using an online application portal.  The process has continually evolved based on feedback from the current users of the portal. 

The Advocate Panel Team are running two virtual training sessions in July 2020, via Microsoft Teams, for those wishing to join any of the panels or upgrade their level during the September application window.  Each session will provide an opportunity for potential applicants to: 

  • Learn how to register, complete and submit an application using the online process
  • Hear about the improvements made to the online process following feedback received
  • Hear from CPS Assessors about how to complete a good quality application 

The sessions will last approximately an hour and be held on the following dates:

  • Tuesday 20th July – 4:30pm
  • Thursday 22nd July – 4:30pm

The intention is for a session to be recorded for anyone not able to attend or not allocated a place and for this to be made available on the website at later date.

We would be grateful if you could circulate this email to the members of your chambers/Circuit.  Booking requests should be sent to Advocate.Panels@cps.gov.uk as soon as possible.  Places will be offered on a first come, first served basis.

For any other queries, please contact the Advocate Panel mailbox where the team will be happy to assist.