Register for a Common Platform Account - March 2021

Common Platform is a new, criminal case management system for use by HMCTS staff, the judiciary, and professional court users - including defence professionals and the Crown Prosecution Service. You may already be aware that it is now rolling out to a series of ‘early adopter’ courts

The system is already live in courts in Bristol, Derbyshire and Surrey. Common Platform will shortly begin rollout to other courts, including sites in your region, so we encourage you to register your firm or chambers for an account now. 

Courts going live in your area 

Among the next courts to go live with Common Platform will be 

• Lewes Crown Court 
• Brighton Magistrates’ Court 
• Hastings Magistrates’ Court 
• Crawley Magistrates’ Court 
• Worthing Magistrates’ Court 

HMCTS will communicate further information with a confirmed go-live date soon, but are encouraging defence professionals in the region to register for the system now. 

The system is then scheduled to go live at the remaining early adopter courts during early 2021. 

About the system 

Common Platform will be an essential tool for all defence solicitors and barristers in the area. It will ultimately replace the existing software applications – Libra, XHIBIT, Bench, Court Store and Digital Mark-Up – with a single, streamlined system, which helps parties in a case to share the right information more easily and effectively. 

As Common Platform goes live at each early adopter court, all defence solicitors and barristers involved in hearings at those courts will need to be registered for accounts. This will allow them to continue to work with the courts by: 

• associating to a case / defendant so the Legal Aid Agency is informed for payment purposes 

• self-serving case materials – including the Initial Details of the Prosecution Case (IDPC) and the Pre-Trial form (PET form) in the magistrates’ court 

• serving documents on the court for Common Platform cases in the magistrates’ court. 

For further information you can also view a recording of a webinar that HMCTS hosted about the service. 

How to register for an account 

HMCTS require an administrator from each defence firm or chambers to provide the organisation’s details, usernames and additional details of anyone who may need access. Please do this by completing the online spreadsheet

Help and technical support can be found by telephoning 0300 303 0688, or emailing .

A PDF copy of this text is available here