SEC Court Observation Scheme

The SEC is well aware that, during the last year, there have been very few opportunities for Pupils and junior Juniors to watch hearings as part of their professional development. To that end, we are putting in place a scheme which will allow Pupils and Juniors of 3 years call and under to have access to a Crown Court, on CVP, to observe hearings and learn from others.
This scheme will be piloted at Cambridge Crown Court where HHJ Jonathan Cooper has also very kindly offered to hold a Q&A on MS Teams at the end of the court day, in order to further help your learning. The first sessions will be held on 21st and 28th April and 5th May. There is a limit to how many people can access the hearings in this way, so the slots will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. We hope to then expand this scheme to other Crown Courts on the Circuit.
If you would like to participate, please email the SEC Administrator with a completed copy of this form.
We are very grateful to the judiciary for being so supportive of this idea, and enabling it to go ahead. We expect you to abide by the undertakings you will need to give and use the opportunity as wisely as possible.