Surrey & South London

Surrey & South London Bar Mess



Philippa McAtasney KC, Furnival Chambers


Harry McDonald, Furnival Chambers


Shannon Revel, Furnival Chambers

Circuit Representatives: 

Croydon Crown Court: Alex dos Santos, Serjeant's Inn Chambers

Isleworth Crown Court: Neil Griffin, Foundry Chambers

Kingston Crown Court: Keith Hadrill. Furnival Chambers

Guildford Crown Court: Felicia Davy, Furnival Chambers

CPS Liaison: 

Ryan RIchter, CPS


The Surrey & South London Bar Mess covers Croydon, Isleworth, Guildford and Kingston Crown Courts. After a period of inactivity, we have resurrected the Mess, elected a new committee and increased the number of social events held.

All queries and applications for membership are dealt with by the Secretary.

It costs £20 per year to join the SSLBM.



Croydon: Alex dos Santos

Isleworth: Neil Griffin  

Guildford: Michael Goodwin

Kingston: Keith Hadrill