Hertfordshire & Bedfordshire

Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire Bar Mess



Kevin Molley, Church Court Chambers


Fiona McAddy, Church Court Chambers


Colin Witcher

Circuit Representatives: 

Kevin Molloy, Church Court Chambers


The Mess has a long standing reputation for enthusiastically representing the interests of the local Bar at Court Liaison and Court User meetings. The Chairman also attends meetings of the Criminal Justice Liaison Committee No. 14 (Herts & Beds).  In addition, the Mess enjoys a productive and friendly relationship with the local Judiciary.  The Mess remains committed to the provision of education and training opportunities, and to supporting and encouraging the junior Bar, and all Members are encouraged to play an active part.  

The Mess has an active social life; the annual Summer Drinks Reception is one of the highlights of the social calendar, and is well attended by both Judges and Members.  

Membership Enquiries: Applications to join the Herts & Beds Bar Mess can be directed to the Mess Junior, Will Noble, at will.noble@9bedfordrow.co.uk . 

The yearly cost of membership is £15, payable by direct debit.  The benefits of membership include invitations to Mess events and having a united voice at all courts.  



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