Central London

Central London Bar Mess



Oliver Glasgow QC, 2 Hare Court


James Thacker, 9 Gough Square


Paul Cavin, 2 Harcourt Buildings 

Circuit Representatives:

Pippa Woodrow, Doughty Street Chambers
Jake Taylor, Doughty Street Chambers
Willam Dean, 9 Gough Square
Faras Baloch, Red LIon Chambers
Dominic Hockley, 2 Harcourt Buildings


The Chair of the Mess, members of the Committee and the Juniors who represent the Bar Mess at each Court, deal with a considerable number of matters which affect the interests of the Bar at the Courts which the Mess covers, such as accommodation, phone facilities, catering, listing, PCMH's and the availability of P.S.R's. There are complaints/suggestion books, or boxes, at every Court, and the juniors of each Court, or the Chair of the Mess, can be contacted directly about any matter of concern.

Representatives of the Bar Mess liaise with the Resident Judges about the implementation of new practices relating to PCMH's and seek to protect members of the Bar against such sanctions as wasted costs orders.

The Mess Juniors or the Chair will intercede on behalf of members of the Mess with the Chief Clerk of the relevant court in respect of unresolved problems relating to the exclusion of justified parts of fee claims, if asked to do so.

The Mess is represented in wider forums. It elects a representative of the Committee to serve on the South Eastern Circuit and a member of the Committee attends the meetings of the London Criminal Justice Strategy Committee to represent the interests of the Bar.

The Mess also holds an annual drinks party and other social functions.

Membership of the Mess is currently £10 p.a., fully tax deductible at your highest rate of tax. Please contact Paul Cavin, Treasurer: paul.cavin@2hb.co.uk for an application form.




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