Cambridge & Peterborough

Cambridge and Peterborough Bar Mess



Karim Khalil QC, Drystone Chambers


Azza Brown, Drystone Chambers

Circuit Representatives: 

Azza Brown, Drystone Chambers

Duncan O'Donnell, Drystone Chambers

CPS Liaison:

Claire Matthews, Drystone Chambers



The Mess has members who attend Cambridge, Peterborough and Huntingdon Crown Courts. These all form the Cambridgeshire Court centre. The Resident Judge is HHJ Farrell QC.

Mess hospitality is legendary! Dinners and functions are usually held in one of the Cambridge Colleges.

The present subscription is £10 pa.

For all enquiries, including those regarding membership, please contact Azza Brown,

Alternatively, any member of the Committee would be happy to assist.



Peterborough and Huntingdon Crown Courts

The Resident Judge is HHJ Farrell QC.