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South Eastern Circuit

Welcome to the website of the South Eastern Circuit. 

The South Eastern Circuit is the largest of the six geographical Circuits that make up the Bar of England and Wales. It is a body that has long represented the interests of barristers in the South East of England. The origins of the circuit system go back to the 12th century, when visiting judges would travel around the country each year on circuits to hear cases. The Circuit stretches from Canterbury and Lewes in the South to Norwich in the North and from Ipswich to Reading in the West.

I have the privilege of being the current leader of the Circuit. We are a representative, educational and social organisation, with a focus on promoting and maintaining the highest professional standards in the practice of the law. The Circuit represents the interests of members through the attendance of the Leader at meetings with Government and other agencies regarding issues affecting barristers, through responses to consultations and by listening to its members and taking appropriate action on their behalf.  We offer educational programmes including career development and advocacy training. Importantly we offer the opportunity to socialise with colleagues at regular functions, to meet with each other to learn and to develop. 

The South Eastern Circuit is open to all barristers practising predominantly in the South East of England. We welcome self employed and employed barristers equally. Our Keble College advocacy programme is second to none. This Circuit offers considerable support to its members from the very start of their careers at the Bar. Please join us. 

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Leon Kazakos KC